I'm extremely shy and I don't feel pretty. Would guys even like me?

I'm in a unique situation. I'm sixteen and in junior college so most guys are 19 or in their 20s. I'm an introvert so talking isn't my forte. I have short hair, I'm 3 quarters Asian, and I'm not good at makeup what so ever so I don't wear it at all. I'm slowly breaking out if my shell and working on my makeup skills. It would be nice if I could get a boyfriend. What do guys think?

I'm one of those people who will put studies first


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What Guys Said 2

  • Focus on college, guys will come later. Get a great job and become independent. Then you can make the choices..

  • Focus on school 1st of all..
    If u like a particular guy, just talk to him be his friend.
    My 1st girlfriend was ugly but i liked her & i was 16 at the time, i was also liked by most girls in that school, but just 1 decided to talk to me lol :')


What Girls Said 1

  • Girl, its gonna be ok. Guys will still be around when you have a decent career and can take care of yourself. Just do you and if the right guy comes along while you're working on yourself- great. But don't worry about it too much.

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