Girls, How to know if she is telling me the truth?

Dated a girl for around 8 months, we became very close in that time, we ended up not talking for about 3 months, recently she came back into my life and is dating someone else but has told me her feelings are the same for me and she has also said she wants to leave him and start a life with me, outside of her saying she wants to be with me how can i tell she is telling the truth or just telling me what i want to hear?


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  • Why is she even dating someone else if her feelings are real with you? Doesn't make sense.

    I wouldn't want to date someone who is seeing someone else and THEN telling me they feel something for me.

  • Only time will tell if she's being honest or not. Deceitful people can't put a" mask" on indefintely. Their true colours show eventually. So it's a case of trusting her word until she gives you a reason not to. Bide your time

  • Why did you guys break up?

    • i walked away due to doubts in my own mind.

    • So i am guessing your doubts were wrong and you are wanting her back? The way i see this is she is messing with you because you have mentally messed with her. Leaving someone because you are unsure about your feelings hurts the person on the other side. Which explains her moving on so quickly. She was lost. Confused. More confused than you. And now you going back to her or at least showing interest again is messing with her again. The guy she is now dating is going to get his mind played with because of this.

      However, i dont mean to be harsh but, if you do want her back and she honestly wants you then you both have to be real. Do you see a future? If you broke things off you have to go and get her and prove that you want her back.

      And to answer your question, yes, i think she is telling the truth.

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