We tried having sex 3 Times but he just couldnt perform? Is this why he is being distant?

Why? He Said he was too nervous and I was too sexy or whatever. Is this why he is acting distant? What do you guys honestly think? He did say he was a bit embarrassed. Honest answers please!


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  • Yes that's why he is acting distant. Don't take it personal and be caring to relax him and to show him that u support him. Nervousness can be the reason but there are also possible other reasons

    • Yeah that's what I thought because we get along almost too well.. hm there could be.

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  • You have to remember also guys are like bottle rockets they only go off one time. Unlike us girls were like firecrackers we just keep going.

    The most it was ever able to get my Manigo and one time was six times in a row. I didn't have sex for a while after that, Believe me we tried. We can normally do three times in one day but we don't normally go above that. And we have sex almost every day.

    As for why he couldn't perform, try using some technique. I have never ran into that problem except as listed above. Get really good at giving blowjobs and you won't have a problem getting it up.

    • The bj wasn't a problem, he got hard and even came but the main problem was when he was trying to penetrate me his penis went soft. Any idea why? he did say he was a bit nervous

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    • Why do some gays get married to the opposite sex when they're not into it? They even have children sometimes

    • Yeah.. that's true. How should I bring it up? should i talk face to face to see his reaction?