Most women in their late 20's and beyond who are still single are insane?

dated a chick in my 20's for four years and thought she was the one. Things ended up getting fucked up fast, and I'm busy with academics, so that was that. Still busy with my routine, not much time to get serious- and to be honest not many girls can empathize with my schedule but I've been trying to feel things out. Jumping from snatch to snatch gets old and trying to find something solid.

So I've been dating lately, and there's a reason these women in their very late 20's and 30's are single: they're out of their fucking mind. This isn't taking into consideration CEO/lawyer/physician women that are really into their field of study (kind of like myself), but your run of the mill attractive female out and about. I know a lot of you guys say "to hell with marriage" and all that, which is fine and good, but let me tell you something: unless you really want to stay single for your entire life, chances of you finding a quality mate as you age diminishes quickly. I used to hear about it and scoff at the thought, but it's true, the good ones really do get taken up fast in their mid-twenties.

Last night was my last straw, man. Tired of finding these aesthetic females that are literally insane. It's actually starting to worry me.

Are there really very little sane single women left in their 30's?


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  • women in their 30s who haven't had kids are a whole different level of dating. They want to seal the deal in a year and have kids firmed up with you--either pregnant or plans to be.

    The fear of aging out is very real to them at that age in my experience. Dating comes across as excessively transnational with them. You can almost taste the fear.

    I try and date girls around 24-26. Keeps things sort of sane. But let's be truly honest all the good/normal girls get wifed up before 25...

    By late 20's there's a few diamonds in the rough, but you'll be left mostly with the single moms/Crazys.


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  • @Still busy with my routine, not much time to get serious- and to be honest not many girls can empathize with my schedule

    I highly doubt this. Women work study work & study... there's no reason having a hectic schedule would be foreign to an entire sex.

    • This is common sense though. A girl that's single past 30+ is well known to be a loose cannon and batshit crazy. If she was really a good catch she wouldn't be single at 30 years old. Most woman want to be married in their 20s and if they are still single in their 30s it's because they have issues that no guy can deal with. Even your typical beta provider gets tired of getting chewed out and getting treated like an abusive pet owner treats his dog. You can still find a girl that's a good catch if she's in her 20s... because she might of just gotten out of a long term relationship that lasted a few years but didn't work. But past 30+? NOPE!

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  • When I step back to look at the field of women who are single my age a few come to mind

    - friends with benefits girl who would cheat on her boyfriend all the time back in high school. Great head. But wanted to bring me to church. Would send me gospel songs all the time. Would suck my dick like it was her job. Fake boobs. Best head I've ever gotten. Would look like a 10/10 wife material but would carry cat food in her purse to feed strays, and when we lost touch last I heard is she wanted to be a nun. Is now dating a dermatologist but still hit me up at 2:30am to come to this bar and "hang out with her... platonic of course". Bat shit crazy cheater.

    - Ex NFL cheerleader who has gained about 10-15lbs since college and is now past her prime. Has a dumb feather tattoo and some other stupid tattoo on her rib. Garbage.

    - Single mom

    - Girls who wear one pieces to the beach because they've given up

    I couldn't bring myself to be surrounded by such bat shit crazy or post-glow syndrome sluts.

    My girlfriend just turned 20... 32G tits, hilarious, likes to go out, but also has some legit real conversations with about life and the future

    Call me shallow but the older I get the more I realize I would hate myself for dating a woman who isn't at least 4 to 5 years younger than me

    But then again I would smash a bunch of college girls during my man whore phase who would text me to come hang out because their boyfriend is gone for the weekend. Dead srs.

    You can't really win either way. Just enjoy the ride.

  • Most women are like "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" cause thats all they want.. There are some women who are decent but are hard to find. So keep on looking, who knows tomorrow you might find that special lady. ;)

    • Most of the best PEOPLE (men and women) with high sexual market value are snatched up and taken in their 20s.

      A lot of single women in their 30s were damaged and crazy to begin with, but a lot also became that way due to the realization of their situation. It can be a crushing thing for the female psyche to be "passed over" by en entire crop of high value men. That chit literally drives them insane.

      My advise to all of you brahs is to marry a girl when she is in her mid or late 20s. That is the sweet (and sticky) spot. Anything younger and they are going to want to phuck around and play behind your back. Anything older and they will have gone crazy.

  • That 30 mark for women is usually the line in the sand. Meaning, those that choose to be on the wrong side of 30 have their valid reasons. While those that don't choose to be single, be kid-less after 30 are usually batshit' crazy.