Should I go to the farewell party of this girl I like?

This girl and I dated a bit months ago, but we no longer do cuz she's becoming flakey when I asked her out. She's moving away to the other side of the planet soon, so I asked her out again but got no reply. However, our mutual friends decided to throw her a farewell party, should I go or not?

Tbh I want to spend time with her alone instead of hanging out in group, but if I don't go, I probably won't see her again... Need advice :3

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  • No
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What Girls Said 1

  • Even though you Both still may have 'Mutual friends' here Dear... I believe as Wise as an owl I am, this Blast that was Once a Blast and No More in Store Now Somehow, would Not be an Extravaganza you would Care to Share.
    You probably wouldn't have a Good time. You might be the Talk of the Town afterwards, and be Referred to as The "Party Pooper" by All of These... Mutual friends with this Sick Chick.
    Good luck and Stay Home. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • yeah do it