What should I do from here.. Losing a love interest and friend?

Over the summer I have had a you can call it a fling with a guy from my close friend group. We got really close saw each other all the time and I thought things were going pretty well. But I August thinking what happens when he goes back to school I asked him officially what we were to him. And he said he doesn't want a relationship in this time in his life. We had a few more talks about it and he doesn't want me to get my hopes up for a relationship or wait for him to be ready cause he knows that's not fair. Lately I've noticed a slight distance since school started which I kinda expected but I felt like it was more. We went out and got drunk and I told him what I've been feeling lately. Expressing that I didn't want a summer fling and was that all I was and being a little upset that he was messaging a waitress he had meet recently. I do still like him but I have to repect what he wants. I know I can't make him change his mind. But I still want that connection even if wer not dating. What should I do so I don't lose the connection / friendship or even future relationship if things change. I don't want to push him away anymore.


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  • yeah, don't pressure him or talk about the relationship, but just reach out with a text every few weeks asking how he's doing. tell him that if he ever needs anything (even just an hear) you're here. that will keep the communication lines open without it being awkward. then when you see him again in time if you're both still single it will feel natural and comfortable for him to ask to spend time together again. as friends, and we all know friends never just stay friends

  • Save the friendship since you said its a fling

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