Whats the best way to meet a great guy... online or in person?

Many might have asked this question so forgive me. But what would be a good place for a busy person like me to meet a great (non-hookup) kind of guy? I always travel the same route.. most of the time my nose is a book. And my job yes there maybe males but the majority are partnered up. I do go to the gym but just for this one dance class and its 90% women.

I also tried the likes of swiping dating apps (recommended by my girlfriends) and those mutual dudes seem very hookup minded.

No silly answers please. Sometimes I feel like asking the girls with the guys where they found their boyfriend from haha (clearly I wouldnt) but where are the good ones?


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  • either or is prob ok. both take time but the best way is think about what kind of person you want to date and be in the area you think that person or personality will be at. try new things change up ur routes and meet new people.

  • Go on opinion sites like this one and ask questions that are important to you in a potential mate. Like moral questions, hobbies, life goals, etc. When a guy starts matching a lot of what you want, ask him out.

  • Where can I find girls to date? I have the same problem but being a guy lol I felt like focusing on school too much messed up my chances and the women I work with are much older than me like 15 plus years


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