I'm losing attraction to boys?

I'm 16, and I stopped looking at boys lately and more at girls. I've been dreaming about girls and dirty dreams about girls more and more often and I wonder why. Am I loosing interest in boys because I've gave up on them? I'm not very lucky with boys.. I've never kissed or anything like that and im usually rejected by them or not wanted to date with, but I still tried, yet I've always been attracted to girls I just have a hard time accepting it. But now it feels like its the only thing I'm growing interest. What about boys? Id date one but it looks like I'm not into them , and it looks like a badidea... I hear nothing good about them or dating a guy in general.. Nothing with girls... I don't know any lesbains. What should I do? What does this mean?


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  • cause you need a MAN!

    • But I'm only 16 and I mean the male gender in general

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  • Girl get a man asap trust me get one I had the same phase. Now I'm a lesbian. Get a man.

    • you do know that you don't just change sexes. you're born that way, just like you're born straight

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    • @Dave20154 you can ask whatever you Need to regarding for any gender to any gender

    • but this is girls ask guys, not girls ask girls

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