I just don't understand guys?

So I was seeing and talking to this guy and it was talking everyday before we actually hung out and we finally hung out, we clicked immediately and we were seeing each other everyday. Now he lives 10mins away from me. So the last time we saw each other, he sat me down and told me that he was looking for a relationship and that he hadn't been in one for so long and that he really liked me and he wanted me to stick around and that he didn't want just a hook up because that's not what he was looking for and I really liked him to and wanted to see where things would go. So that day of him telling me this, things did go further and we had sex and we hung out all day. Now we haven't talked at all and haven't seen each other and when we did talk for all of 2 second, he said that he had had a rough week and that he had lost his wallet and was upset about that but something is telling me that that's not it, what do I do?


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  • take initiative and continue to be with him.
    NEVER EVER act or be distant, because guys move on quickly and assume the girl doesn't want us anymore, when girls do that shit.

    • I've been trying to talk to him and not be distant but not like clingy or whatever but he has done this before when we would talk and then he would just stop talking and act distant and then it would make me think that he wasn't interested

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    • yeah i think he's a player girls always fall for them types and assume they are nice guys.

    • Unfortunately that is true

  • He got what he wanted, your pussy, now he's satisfied and the only time he'll want out again is for more poon


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