I'm confused with a girl I'm interested in. I can't tell if she is because of mixed signals (surprise). We started as friends but now I want more?

So, long story short. I've been friends with this girl for over 4 months. We started off as friends but up until a month ago I never realized how much I really liked her. More than friends. We were super cool and always seemed to make each other laugh, quite often. We would always text at least 50-100 daily. She would always text and tell me how my day was going and bring me gifts. I took a trip recently and she would constantly ask when I'm coming back, and threw a great birthday party for me that blew me away. we just really cared for each other. However, over the last month I've noticed a distance or resentment between us. The boggling thing is that she still text me and snap chats me and see's what I'm doing. She even wants to hang out. But when we hang out now, it's not like it was. I feel every question I ask her is met with a snarky remark or something like, "you ask a lot of question." Even if I'm just asking her about her day. I know she's personally going through a lot right now, emotional. Like being away from home for the first time and missing her old life. But, I'm not sure what's exactly wrong with her since she doesn't like talking about herself. It can be frustrating to say the least. I'm not sure if I messed up somehow. Maybe I didn't value her enough. Maybe I didn't tell her how I really felt. Maybe she's moved on. I don't know. She still wants to hang out which is confusing, but when I text her it's as if she's a kinder person then when I meet her in person. In person, she's for a lack of a better word, bitchy. I'm thinking I'm just going to have to confront her and say, I'm not sure if I've done anything to upset or hurt you lately, but if I have I'm sorry. I feel frustrated because I'm not sure what's happening. If you want me out of your life and don't want to be friends anymore than just let me know, I've been through this before." Something like hat. Like I said we still talk and hang out which is confusing. Any suggestions?


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  • story of my life with every fucking girl I've ever liked

  • You are 32? These seem like the problems of someone much younger. Well anyway the advice is the same. Don't ask us, ask her.

    • Well I'm 32 and she's 23. She's very indecisive. I know, I know. It's almost like she 1 person on the phone and a different person in person. And it seems lately like everything I say to her she gets short and dismissive. I've never told her I like her more than a friend so I'm not sure why'd she start acting this way if all the cards aren't on the table. Yet she still wants to hang out, wtf

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