Girls! Why are so many ladies/girls with/saying yes to a**holes/D-Bags and emphatically saying no to the "good guys"?

Ok ladies,

I as well as many other guys are frustrated with this as to why so many ladies/girls are with a**holes/D-Bags?

What's so frustrating is "good guys" do ask girls out but so many these days emphatically tell the so called "good guys" ya know ladies "good guys" as in (has his s**t together as in college graduated, owns house or in process of buying, has a great career, has his 401k, stocks, makes good money, has good amount of savings saved up, has good reliable vehicle, never lived with mommy and daddy past high school does fun things on weekends) noooo (were good looking) .

Yes ladies we NATURALLY get nervous asking you out. Oh and NO girls we don't make millions of dollars, have two mansions, brand new vehicles every year. We type of guys aka "good guys" what we mean by getting nervous when asking you out is were the types looking for ACTUAL RELATIONSHIPS AKA (SERIOUS DATING AS IN BEING BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND). Those other guys aka a-holes/d-bags (this is important ladies) those guys DON'T EVER WANT A GIRLFRIEND PERIOD. THEY ARE JUST SIMPLY LOOKING FOR A WHAM BAM 5 MINUTES IN YOUR PANTS THEN AFTER 5 MIN GTFO. That has to be one of the most awful feelings just like a bad hang over like back in college. But us "good guys" are looking for the serious relationships (serious dating that eventually leads to marriage). Most of us so called "good guys" don't like the one night stands.

Also no a lot of us so called "good guys" are NOT doormats as a lot of you ladies just PLACE on us because we have our s**t together. A lot of us "good guys" do not put up with the "friend zone" at least myself I have a backbone (thank you very much). I'm not going to be just "friends" with a girl that I like romantically and then sit back and watch her kiss and whatever else with her a-hole guy. I have my friends and I don't need girl that I asked out on a date as a friend to dump her problems on me. Nu huh. That's what your girlfriends are for. Not guy that asked you out.

Wouldn't it be cool as sh** to have an actual great date with a "good guy" that planned an actual date (nice restaurant, good bottle of wine or whatever, good conversation), get to know each other (over time) it takes TIME to get to know each other (more than one date) (more than 5 MIN).


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  • Because you don't respect us. Right from reading this, i can feel that you think of us as inferior. At least the asshole doesn't care about all that, he doesn't question why I'm sleeping around, he's not judging me for it. You know who is? "Good guys".

    At least he's not faking that he's a good person, he's upfront with who he is, I find an asshole who let's me know he's a shitbag, better than a "good guy" who pretends to be good and then like goes on a shootout because he got rejected.

    Also, if we are to go with y'all, y'all would feel insecure about how sexual we are/were and judge and even use us. Had a fwb? "Slut!" Had more than 5 partners? "Slut!" Had a 3sum? "Major slut!" And many "good" guys on here proudly proclaim they wouldn't take us seriously and would just pump and dump us.
    Like I said, at least the asshole isn't faking interest in all of us as a person and then backs down/judges when he hears who've we've been sexual with.

    Also, I'm poor af. I'd never date a man who makes more than 40k/year. Then you'd more than likely call me a gold digger, like I said most "good guys" are extremely judgmental. I'm judgmental too, but they take it further.

    Do you really believe that no man in a relationship is kind and genuine? Lol of course they are, they're the first to get into relationships. That's why women say "the best guys are either married or gay". It's very condescending to say that not a single decent, genuine man is in a relationship. So not only do you hate women, but you hate your fellow men that you think so low of them? Charming.
    That's too much negativity and bitterness that I've been trying to escape my whole life, "good guys" will just add onto it and cause me too much stress.


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  • Holy shit who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

  • You get rejected because girls can sense that you are bitter. ^^

  • Right for a start this is just a tirade on stereotyping women so clearly your bitter about something
    not all women are like that.
    just like not all men are fuck boys
    also guys like that get the girl by pretending to be nicE. No one goes into a relationship wanting to be treated badly.

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