I wanna play a game (Jigsaw Voice). Read the description below first! Is He Dateable?

You're going to read the list of options of his personality, and basic things.

1. He's ready for commitment.

2. He can be a homebody or the nightlife guy.

3. He's employed and has a car.

4. He responds quickly to your texts, and if he can't, he always apologizes.

5. He respects your personal choice but will always give an opinion.

6. He gets a little ansty when you don't respond within hours.

7. Not the best person at sex, but will listen to your body and is a good kisser.

8. Loves to make you laugh

9. Gets a little jealous if you talk to another guy that isn't your brother or already established friend.

10. Believes in alternating on paying for dates

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What Girls Said 1

  • tbh most sound like my ex who im still in love with lol


What Guys Said 2

  • Seems a little fragile in the ego department, but otherwise a pretty decent person. How collectable he is will be evidenced by the current vote.

    Just my opinion

  • Maybe

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