Help, my boyfriend and I got into an argument and now he's ignoring me?

Hi guys, so me and my boyfriend have been together for a while now and we always argue but we usually solve it within a few days. But this time, I'm not sure. We had a fight on Wednesday night because he confessed to me that he let his ex grind on him at a party. He tried to explain himself but I wasn't in the mood so I hung up and I never returned the 12 missed calls. The next morning, I messaged him and told him I was tired and done with his shit so I blocked his messages on Facebook. Later that afternoon, he called me once but I was sleeping so I missed his call. He didn't call the next day but I saw something on my timeline and it was him, writing on multiple girls walls saying "Slide in the dm" which basically means hit him up. I was angry at this point so I unblocked him and confronted him and asked him if he was cheating. He left me on read and didn't reply. That was all Friday night. I didn't get any call or message from him the next day,(the saturday) I didn't bother trying to reach out to him since he was probably going to be busy and I didn't want to seem clingy. Sunday night I finally reached out to him and messaged him, telling him to stop ignoring me so we can work things out. He still left me on read. So I messaged him on snapchat and he just opened my message and saved it. No reply, no nothing. I really don't want to lose him. I don't know what to do. I also can't call him because his phone is broken.

What do I do? Does he want to break up? It's been 3 days since we last spoke. Please help!!

UPDATE: Me and him always say stuff like that saying "We're done" or "I'm tired of you" when we fight and we both know that it doesn't mean we are breaking up. We have discussed this and if we were to break up he would sayl "We are over. I'm breaking up with you". We always say stuff like we are done or whatever when we fight. This time isn't any different.
UPDATE: he unfollowed me on Instagram and now I'm not friends with him on Facebook. What does this mean?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Break up with him and move on. Unless u too can solve the problems... but there are better people out there than him so u should just move on once u break up things will be so much easier and better. weight will be off ur shoulders

  • first u are an idiot
    12 missed calls
    I was tired and done with his shit so I blocked his messages on Facebook
    I unblocked him and confronted him u basically told him we are over
    and u confront him bc he is talking to girls while u treated him like crap
    people have dignity
    "I really don't want to lose him" u already did


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  • I reckon it's time for you two to break up. You sort of implied that you wanted one when you told him that you were done with his shit and then blocked him.

    But he sounds like a massive arse with not much respect for you.. I think you need to move on tbh :(