First date idea?

Hey guys.. I met a girl online and we should go on a first date on Wednesday.. I think of going on a walk and picking up coffee along the way and sit down on the chairs with a look on the river.. And at the end getting her favorite food (spaghetti) through deliver.. my question for you.. Would you do something like this on a first date? Or do you have another idea which would be better?
Thanks in regard

Coffee before or after dinner?


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  • Go for it.
    It sounds perfect

    • Thanks for you feedback.. But do you think coffee before or after dinner?

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    • Thanks for that.. Would it be a good idea by doing the following; first we meet talk for about 30 minutes then leave her for 5 minutes without telling her why but that i'm coming after 5 minutes.. Then come back bringing the spaghetti with me.. Then after eating we go get the coffee?

    • thanks for MHO and how did it go?

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  • Spot on but coffee after dinner

    • Thanks for your feedback..

    • After dinner. If she is having a great time the caffeine boost keeps things going. First date with my girlfriend was from 7pm-1230a. This became the norm.

    • Yes when it's on 7pm that would be a good idea.. I'm gonna make it so thanks again:)