How to find a nice guy instead of a douche? Also, is it a trend for a nice guy to have overprotective parents or parent issues?

I'm going to come back to the dating scene sometime soon, and was wondering how to spot nice guys.
In my last relationship I approached someone who I thought was nice, but turned out to have real issues including an overprotective mother who split us up.
I did all the things people claim to do to find nice guys, but the only ones that are single and accept to go out with me end up the same way. They usually live with their parents, who are overprotective, and often try to get me in bed early on before I even get to know them well. This behavior points to douchebags, and I don't get what I'm doing wrong.
I don't go for the bad guys, just the ones that seem nice, or maybe a bit shy. Also, like I said, is the overprotective parent thing a trend, or even just living with their parents?
I'm looking for someone mature who makes his own decisions. I wouldn't care if the nice guy has had exes, FWBs, or one night stands in the past so long as they aren't continuing once we start to become exclusive and have intimacy happen. I'd mostly just want to find a connection and be able to joke around with him. Is this sort of guy hiding in the shadows, or is he unattainable?


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  • just feel them out and hope for the best. the only way you know you have what you want is by letting things play out. in my case girls say when they first meet me, they think im a asshole or fuckboy but after a bit longer of knowing me, they see im actually a decent person


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  • Pick two:

    -Genuinely Nice
    -Wants a relationship
    -Good looking face
    -Nice Body
    -Isn't married
    -Has a career
    -Drives a car
    -Has his own place
    -Is into you

    • Three.. at least?
      Don't do this to me.

    • @bbch25
      These are your options, lovie.
      I'm so sorry.

    • If I had to pick two, I'd choose isn't married and wants a relationship.
      A job, car, and place are attainable. I didn't say he had to have everything together or couldn't be living with his parents, it's just preferred.
      As far as looks, I don't go after just those, genuinely nice is good, but if he is married or is only looking for a friends with benefits or one night stand with me instead of a relationship, it probably wouldn't work out. Plus, if we actually make a connection, he would likely start to be into me. That's my take on it.

  • There are nice guys like you described for sure, not a lot though nowadays.. :(

  • love finds you when you least expect it, that's all i know


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