Am I overreacting?

We were celebrating my bf's brother's engagement. I was talking to my boyfriend but he suddenly turned around to take a picture with his soon to be sister in a law. He asked one her friends to take a picture of them without including me in. I was hurt that he didn't care to have join in. We have been dating for a while now and I should be considered like family as well. I just felt a little left out. I didn't tell him why I was upset but I know to him it wasn't a big deal to be mad over. Am I wrong? Thanks in advance for your input!


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  • Hmm you're not wrong but keep in mind that yes you may be apart of the family but its an engagement- its not like he invited everyone else but you in the photo. It was just her and him, just tell him you were a bit hurt you didn't get to be in any of the pictures. However if you were to break up ( knock on wood) he wouldn't really get to hang those photos Up LOL but that happens.

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