Ex boyfriend says he really cares about me and he did love me but I swayed him?

I understand that feelings die.
But if he loved me, why did his feelings of "love" go away so fast?
Reason why we broke up was because we were both freshly new in relationships.
His actions made me not trust him as much.
Because I didn't trust him he broke up with me. He said I got mad over petty stuff and falsely accused him of things. But before you judge me, you dont know the full story and I had reasons to do so.
He tells me he really cares for me. He wishes the best and to stay safe and strong.
I keep telling him the same and goodbye but then keep responding back to him.
He responds back too.
I finally said an official good bye and he hasn't responded to that at all.
I still have feelings for him but, I know it won't work.
I feel happy that we can officially break up, but he's already back on the prowl to look for another potential mate. I wished him luck that he finds a nice girl, but I'm still sad.
If he loved me... why did he give up so easily?


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  • I don't know your whole story but all i can say is that is easy to let go if you don't really care. If you officially said goodbye then let him go. I'm in a situation where she doesn't want the title of girlfriend, but says she still loves me... i don't even know if i'm supposed to move on or not... but i won't because i do love her.

    • Well he just responded. He said he still loves me actually and still has feelings. He wanted to start over as well but still said goodbye? I'm so confused.

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  • To me it sounds like a cop-out on his part. Sadly yes sometimes people do fall out of love or start to like other people. I feel like that was his way of trying to "let you down easy" and not seem like an a-hole in this situation. People will find any and every excuse to not be with someone when they don't have the nerve enough to just be straight up or not interested anymore. And the fact that he's already on the prowl... just let him go and discontinue communication with him. It's the only way you'll be able to get on with your life. There's other fish in the sea, my dear. Don't get yourself all hung of on this guy.

    • Yeah... He just responded though that he still has feelings for me and that he still loved me.
      He said he wish we could start over as well, but still said goodbye?
      I'm happy that we officially said goodbye, but still sad.
      He says he still likes me but why is he still leaving?

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    • Why couldn't he just say that then? He didn't want to be with me? He made it so hard...
      Honestly from the get go he made it seem he didn't want to be with me. It fizzled out as soon as he asked me to be his girlfriend. He never took me on dates after that, complained that I was too negative and that the beginning should be the fun stage of a relationship. But we never did anything fun. I felt disrespected numerous times and he didn't put a lot of effort except call me. When he called he just went to play video games and I had to listen. I always doubted and as much as I tried to trust him I couldn't. He put all the blame on me and just so he can be happy I accepted the blame. My heart hurts still and it's just not fair. He played a big role but he didn't do his part to be honest. Now he has a new girl like that. I bet he doesn't miss me at all. It just sucks

    • Makes me feel like something is very wrong with me.. That people just leave.