Why do I feel like Iam cheating?

So for the past like 4 years my cousin and I spend our time together when we visit each other, only twice a year, cuddling and getting like super close. Last time we got pretty intimate and it just felt like we both were in sync emotionally, it just felt like if we weren't cousins we would be together. Now just to clear things up we aren't biological cousins but have known each other since we were young. But now I feel if I get a girlfriend back home that I would almost be cheating on her. I realize this sounds weird, but what is your take?


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  • Well... cuddling and 'getting super close', whatever that entails, kind of is cheating.

    I'm sure that you wouldn't be too happy about your girlfriend doing that, if you had one. I don't know why you feel like you're cheating seeing as how you're single but I've felt similar things a couple of months back. A male friend asked me to join him for coffee after we ran into each other at the gym by complete chance. He knew I had a boyfriend who he had even met a couple of times, so I figured that must mean this guy viewed the coffee-date as 100% platonic. Nevertheless, I felt guilty, and told him I couldn't make it. I told my boyfriend about it as soon as I got to his place later that day and I immediately felt much better. Almost like the 'guilt' had been my gut telling me that the coffee thing was something I shouldn't be doing.

    • I worded the question poorly, but I mean like I almost don't wana get a girlfriend just because I really really like her. And say I did fall for someone else hard, then I would feel like I was cheating on my cousin. I don't know it's weird

    • oh. what? You'd feel like you're cheating on your cousin, even though you're not with her in the first place?

    • Yeah as weird as it sounds I feel like I would be cheating on her if I got a girlfriend.

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  • I mean if she isn't blood related... 😉