What's the best way to deal with this girl I met on Tinder given the situation?

She wanted me to go up to somewhere near her but I couldn't, so she said we can hang out when she's in my town on the 23rd because her sister lives here and she will be visiting her then, but she also told me she isn't much of a "phone person" and doesn't like to text or call much. I am 100% sure she is a real person too by the way, but anyway, what am I supposed to do to keep up adequate talking given she isn't a "phone person" for the next week and a half?


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  • Well try to meet her at a public place like at a coffee shop. Also don't worry about "adequate talking" with her. Just contact her when you can and text her when you need to. If she is not a phone person then she is not expecting there to be constant communication.

    • She lives an hour away, and I don't have a car right now. I told her that.

    • Well see if she can come see you.

    • She said when she visits her sister on the 23rd