Should I forget about this person?

5 weeks ago I was meant to go on a date with someone, they were the one who kept flirting and hinting for a date and eventually I asked them for a date. All of a sudden they just started blanking me, I thought it was something I had done; it played with my mind for 1-2 weeks. They eventually told me they don't want to go on a date because they're seeing someone, I accepted it; in all honesty it did bother me but I just cared for their happiness.
Last week they found out I was going on a date with someone new and they were asking how the date went, like all of a sudden they care about my dating life after screwing me over. I told them that it went great and then yesterday I told them I've decided not to take it any further with the date because of personal reasons. Then today they decided to inform me that they are no longer seeing the girl anymore. Out of all the people they could of told, why did they tell me?

I can't stop thinking about them, when I was on a date they crossed my mind several times. They did hurt me last month but they're only human, I've made a lot of mistakes in the past. I could have read everything completely wrong but I feel like they was bothered that I went on a date with someone else and they told me they were single so I was aware that they're available.

Me and this human was going to date when I was 16 but I refused to date them because they were only 14. 7 years later and we still like each other, surely there's something worth fighting for?

Do you think I should just forget about them because of what they did last month?

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  • Confront them about it before making my decision


What Girls Said 1

  • It just doesn't feel right to be the second option instead of first.
    It's not fun to be a rebound in a relationship. . .