8 months and no I love you?

I've been with my boyfriend for 8 months already. The relationship is going great! We barely fight and we have so much in common. He's so affectionate and always makes me feel good about myself. This is the first healthy relationship I ve ever been in. My previous ones have been abusive, so I appreciate him so much.

The reason why I'm worried is that from the beginning, I've known that he doesn't want the current job that he has. The one that he wants will require him to relocate to another city. The city he wants to go to is LA. Before he told that to me, I've already expressed my dream to move to California. With my job, I can find work anywhere. It'll be easy.

There have been many times that he's applied for his dream job, but has been turned down. Every time, he's asked me to move/come with him. He's talked about getting married and we're on the same boat about children. He's even joked and said I'm "wifey material." When I told him that he'd make a great wifey (because he cooks better than I do), he said I'd make a great hubby. He also said that he wouldn't be in the relationship if he didn't see that as an ending. The thing is, how can you talk about that without saying I love you? It doesn't make sense to me. I've asked him that before (drunkenly, but I remembered it) and he said he really likes me, but doesn't feel love. I just don't get it.

Would it be wise to go with him if he does move? Should I just wait for him to say it or should I move on? I haven't said it because I feel like it'll be more special if he does. I don't know.


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  • Dont wait for him to make the move , you do. Tell him hw u feel and if he doesn't respond then its bttr u wait till the year ends give it some more time and then move on.

  • Looks like its time for you too tell him. Some guys just need a push

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