If girls don't care about looks then why should guys groom and dress up for them?

I've heard quite a few people saying things like "You like the girl because you think she's hot, therefore you have to look hot for her as well" even though that's a bad comparison, and is indeed not true, because attraction doesn't work the same way for girls as it does for guys. But if girl don't care about looks, then what purpose is attained by guys looking hot for them?


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  • Most girls care about looks to some extent. And for others they still care about that stuff.

    Because for them it's less about the actual appearance and more of what the appearance says about the guy. If he grooms and dresses well to her that says he isn't a slob and is ambitious enough to improve himself.

    • "If he grooms and dresses well to her that says he isn't a slob and is ambitious enough to improve himself. "

      Yeah, that is true. I guess even they don't care about the guy being good-looking, they still want a guy who takes pride in himself and his appearance.

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  • A man should groom and dress up for himself. To present himself as a man when he is walking out into this world. Who he attracts no matter how he looks is who he attracts. Now if he has a specific girl in mind, his only focus is to look good and impress her. NOT other women. His only focus is based on his reasons and intentions. The same way Biblically about Ruth and Boaz. Ruth and Naomi had planned out EVERYTHING since them returning to Jerusalem and gathered wheat from his fields. Her eyes was only on him and likewise his on her. ALWAYS. He was very much interested in her, and gave her free food as long as he gets to see her. And she too [with Naomi's encouragement and ideas], did whatever she had to do to get his only attention until it was very clear both of them wanted to get married to each other.

    Again, this is about the man being intentional with his pursuits. That means finding out about her interest and how she like's a man to be with her. Wither if its to date her, have sex with her or to marry her. I for one is not concerned about his physical appearance at all, as that is on the very bottom of the list. Sure his looks may be the first thing I see that grabs my attention. But my main concern is how he treats me, how he treats other people, his family, friends, coworkers, his boss, teachers if he's still in school, kids, pets if he has any, animals overall, etc. Then next comes his personality. Is he an introvert like me or an extrovert? How does he function mentally, emotionally and psychologically? How does he react to everything in his life, the good and the bad? Afterwards comes his morals, what's his belief's? Does he have a religion? Is he a believer in God/Christ or a non believer of any religion? What is his views about family and is he family oriented like I am? That is extremely important as this next one. Does he believe in premarital sex of any kind? What's his views on marriage and what does he believes marriage is? Does he want to be married, and if so by what age? If we date, for how long does he want to date? No more then 2-3 years or its not going anywhere. Plus there needs to be a reason for all this time.

    Everything else comes in before I even decide to make anything official. Like I said the physical appearance comes last. I do not hold a preference for that as long as they are healthy and is mentally, emotionally and psychologically stable. I need to know this before becoming official, terms and boundaries included.

  • We do care about looks but not more than the personality, personality can make someone truly ugly. So in the end guys should groom and dress up for the suited occasion, its about being human not an animal.

  • Who said we don't care about looks?
    I have to be both physically and emotionally attracted to someone. If I am just physically attracted to someone then I won't date them. It has to be both or not at all.

    • If you still believe you girls care about looks then this question obviously isn't for you lol

    • So you know what we like and how we think now? That is amazing. You are the first male to ever understand the female gender. Please, write a book about females. 👍🏻🙄

  • Of course we care.
    I have my type of guys. If he's not hot in my eyes I won't date him.


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  • Women care about looks. Personality for women is often heavily tied to your looks.


    Good looking guy-->Wonderful personality

    Bad looking guy--->Creep

    Even if both men say the exact same words and approach her the same way. Hence, why women get played so much for sex by good looking men.

    • Forgive me if I don't take my dating advice from comedic youtube videos

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    • Ok you know what believe what you want to believe and good luck with your life.

    • Thanks, I already have all the luck I need though. I mean, I live in a world where even an unremarkable looking guy like me can get the hottest girls. What more could I possible ask for?

  • The statement women do not care about looks is a false one. What it means is unlike men, women will forgive not being physically attracted to a man if he can provide for her (aka has money) or if he has high social status (aka his popularity rubs off on her and people give her attention too).

    In short women do care about looks and A LOT more than men actually. In fact unlike men, women often tie personality with looks. U are a good looking guy and they'll think your funny, charismatic, and wonderful human being even if you do not have any of these traits.

    Your not attractive in their eyes and they'll consider you a creep, weirdo, and probably even go out of their way to spread rumors about you being a horrible person behind your back.

    • Not everything your dad taught you about women is true, my friend.

    • Not everything your dad and mom taught you about women is true my Asker. And no my dad didn't teach me this. If you get your head out of your ass and stop with blue pill lies you've been fed to your whole life you'll realize this is how women operate.

      But yeah keep believing looks don't matter with women.