Broke up with my ex through a text and voice email?

I am not a guy that attracts a lot of positive attention from the opposite sex unless it its the friend zone. The one serious relationship I had ended horribly. My ex disappeared on her birthday. When I went to pick her up to go out nobody was home. Her mom was in Hawaii at eh time and didn't get home till 2 days later. She never called or tried to reach me even after I had talked to her mother who had talked to her after she came home from her trip. Like a fool I waited for her to at least call me and tell me she was even alive. When she never called, I called her cell and left her a message telling her how much he had hurt me and then text her to tell her that I was no longer interested in continuing our relationship. This happened almost 3 years ago and I still have this feeling that I did something wrong, and feel unable to trust any woman. I can't move on for some reason. What's wrong with me?


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  • You probably did do something wrong. I don't know what, it's impossible to figure out from what you gave us, but it was a first relationship. That's what they're for. Don't worry about it. Most people have done something stupid in a relationship. Whatever, we're all human. Just move on from here and you'll be better off.


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  • yes, maybe you did do something wrong, but like the previous poster said, it was your first relationship. SHE Doesn't seem too broken up about it, and from the way she treated you (from what it sounds like) I think you get a free pass. My guess is you probably know this, but for some reason can't get yourself to move on, I'm not sure if we can really tell you what that reason is.

    *good luck*


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  • You need to stop getting friendly with the ladies and be more confident.

    you know what phrase I'm finding is more and more true in life "Nice Guys Finish Last"

    You are sitting there waiting for her while she's probably out f***ing some douche bag. I'm sorry but the truth hurts.

    You gotta stop caring. Easier Said than done but hey I would know I think ALL the time about this kinda bullshit and I got problems just like it.

    You didn't do anything wrong, f*** her. she probably got what she deserved in another way.

    Everything comes full circle. Meet a new nice girl and move on bro

    good luck