update from previously asked question: to buy or not to buy your friends with benefits a gift?

So I posted on here before asking if it would be okay for me to buy a birthday gift for my friends with benefits. Well I made the decision to buy a gift for him. I bought him a very nice Citizen watch. I was trying to be cheap on his gift but cheap it's just not something I am I like nice things there for people who I care about will receive nice gifts. He liked it. Mission accomplished. But the night didn't end too well because he asked me what I did with my day and I was honest with him. I was out on the boat with a very nice guy who I have met a few weeks ago. I guess my question is why is it is we are friends with benefits that he would be upset over me being out with someone else when he claims to like me a lot butt does not reciprocate his emotions with actions instead of just words? I'm also thinking it's time to let this go because we are never going to be together nor do I want that because we are two of the same people and the feelings are escalating past friends with benefits. I don't know if he likes me or if he just doesn't want me to see other people because of his ego.


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  • Probably an ego thing, he just wants to be the only one, even with friends with benefits there is still some jealousy


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  • It's like an unwritten rule...

    You don't mention anything you did with another person. Your friends with benefits doesn't really need to know what you did with another friends with benefits. You may be altoether pretty set on having different FWB's but maybe this one guy doesn't and doesn't want to have the thought of you with another person in his head.

    It's hard because we are only human and we do become attracted & attached to people we didn't expect to in the first place. He's not a robot and does have feelings that may have changed over time.

    Maybe you need to have a chat and explain what you have other FWB's and its something he'll have to work with or it's sorry but this isn't gonna work!

    On the buying a friends with benefits a gift... I see no problem here as long as they understand it is just a gift and nothing else. When I had a friends with benefits we'd alternate buying dinner or drinks and it worked fine.

    • Oh I def didn't want to tell him about seeing the other guy... he asked so I told the truth. I would be jealous if I knew he was seeing other women (I think he is... not my business though).. but last night he was acting like a 3 year old who didn't get their way. The only reason I even see other people is to keep my emotions for him under control... if he told me to stop, i would... n it's sad bc we are friends with benefits.. he shouldn't have that type of emotional control over me.

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    • I get that but said in a previous reply...

      "The only reason I even see other people is to keep my emotions for him under control... if he told me to stop, i would"

      Which is why I asked the other question. I really do think you need to have a chat with him. Somewhere neutral where sex or any other kinky business might take place and explain how you feel & the ideal friends with benefits relationship you want with him.

    • I just told him right now that I can't see him anymore... I'm so torn about you.. but us continuing to see one another is like walking into a brick wall. 🙁😔😔

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  • Even though you are not in a relationship, he doesn't like the thought of you possibly ending your friends with benefits thing with him and moving on to a real relationship. He would be bothered that he is losing a sex partner and/or a bit jealous you found someone and he didn't.


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  • Humans are extremely jealous creatures so although he may not want it to go beyond friends with benefits, he doesn't want anyone else to have you