What would you do in this situation? How would you feel?

Long story short: I went out with this guy for a couple months. We broke it off because he felt he didn't have time for a relationship (he has a kid, school, and is a musician). Month later we started hanging out again, but now neither of us have texted or hung out with each other in a few weeks. I asked if I bothered him a little while back when I would text him but he wouldn't text back, but he said that he is musically swamped and "a lot of life is happening".

I know he has been a bit busy. His kid is officially going to Kindergarten and he has a job now, but will very soon be heading back to school. He also has started a band with his friends. And his mom is currently moving so he is possibly trying to move in with his friends. I also work full time so our schedules tend to be conflicting. The last thing he texted me was his finished EP for his band which was a couple weeks ago, I replied to it but he didn't say anything. He still likes some of my stuff on Instagram but will not text me.

Do you think it's ok for me to date other people at the moment? We were never really "exclusive" when we got back together. Should I text him? Should I let him be? I mean I miss him, but what's the point if he doesn't have time for me? Any advice would be awesome.


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  • It's perfectly fine. You were never exclusive anyway. You shouldn't waste your time on him if he's not willing to be committed to you. You should look for other options.