Been seeing a girl, have I screwed up?

So i've been seeing a girl for the last few weeks, we get on really well, have tons in common, all the dates have been great, we've kissed a lot and talking about sex next time we meet up. BUT, I think i cocked up a bit, because I asked her if she wanted to be exclusive. normally I wouldn't move this fast but we text every single day, like walls of text every 1-2 hours, talk and laugh a lot on the phone, also shared some pretty raunchy images etc. I did ask her earlier on as well what she was looking for (if it was casual or something more) because i thought it would be good there was no confusion and she did say she'd have a relationship if it felt right, so the other night it didn't seem wrong to ask. I asked if she was seeing anyone else and she said no, and when I asked if she wanted to be exclusive she seemed a bit shocked, she did say she really likes me but that's too soon. I felt really stupid but she said there's nothing for me to worry about. She did end up telling me about her previous boyfriend who used her for over a year, took a lot of her money, cheated on her etc so that's why she's nervous about relationships.

We're still set to meet on Saturday (for now) but since the last date where I asked her that question, the messages have lessened in frequency, still really long texts. But quite a large gap of time in between them, it's a bit of a sudden change of pace so i don't know if I'm making too much of it or not. Is it worth me asking just a casual ''hey you've been quiet recently, whats up?'' or should I just go silent for a bit even when she responds, what would be best? I feel i definitely got ahead of myself and I felt like an absolute idiot the other night even though we had a wonderful date. Just worried my one mistake will have scared her off.


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  • It could be you moved a bit too quick, but she'll forgive you if she really likes you, don't worry. Girls who are in love can forgive quite a few mistakes. :) You could ask her though, it shows you care! I don't recommend going quiet. Playing games is never the way to go and not fun for the other person.

  • You didn't scare her off. She still is up for sat date.

    Do NOT ask her why her text habit changed.
    That might put pressure on her or freak her out.
    Just go with the flow and give her some time.
    She explained to you what happened with her ex. And she made it clear this is too early to talk about that. She likes you it just that she's afraid because she was hurt before. she trying to take it slow. I understand her.

    Just be you, be sweet and nice to her so she can open up more. And don't push her. Take it slow.


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