IS MY boyfriend USING ME?

My boyfriend of 2 years and I just got back together 2 months ago. He moved back in, and he is having financial problems. He used his aeroplan points to fly me out to another city for vacation with him, so when we got back I didn't ask for rent (he didn't offer), and we went to buy $500 worth of groceries- I paid, and he said he would "send me money later" but never did... He lives off of credit, and says he doesn't have money... but last week for our anniversary he easily spent $200 on a gift for me! I don't get it? Is he using me or?


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  • $200
    sounds expensive gift
    if he was using u he wouldn't pay it even


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  • I think he doesn't want to pay for somethings, but when he wants to do something for the two of you he wants to pay.


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  • Yes he is using you, at least for a place to stay. You can only live off credit cards for certain things. Rent isn't one of them.


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