How do I become a priority to her?

I have deep feelings for my female friend she found out i like her but we never talked about it when we are alone we're fine we talk we flirt etc but when my other friend is around who is her best friend he always just gets in the way she has told me she has no feelings for him whatsover but she always texts him and talks to him on the phone and i have a feeling he sabotages me when it comes to her he is moving away in a couple of days and i fear i'm not going to see her as much anymore how do i get to the point where she is always texting me and calling me to do stuff i've been trying for two months and she has already hit it off with my family i just get jealous that they are so close what do i do just play it cool?


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  • You can try asking her to hang out just the two of you without him.
    However, if she found out you like her, yet she hasn't mentioned anything to you, odds are that she only sees you as a friend.


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  • You're not getting any responses to your question because you were either too lazy to add punctuation, or not educated enough to form proper sentences.

    But I'll give some friendly advice because you're my bro...

    You're talking about building her attraction for you. Because when a girl is attracted to a guy she makes him a priority.

    Unfortunately it's hard to build her attraction this late in the game... she already knows who you are and has a FEELING for who you're being when you're around her.

    See... it's not what you're DOING, it's who you're BEING. Are you BEING needy or nervous or frustrated or angry or jealous? Because that will push her away.

    Or are you being awesome, and fun, and funny, and flirty, and mysterious and challenging? Because that builds attraction.

    Read all you can about women and dating and attraction, and focus on building your self esteem and confidence. This is where attraction comes from!


    ~ Robby

  • Easy.

    Date a hotter girl.

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