Is it better to ask to be fwb? or just go for the kiss and label it later?

Which do you prefer?


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What Girls Said 2

  • neither. I think either way, I would be reluctant in pursuing things further unless the guy had obvious interest in a commited relationship with me.

    but if you find a girl who's looking for a friends with benefits or the same kind of relationship you're looking for, ask first

  • You are asking about two completely different relationships here.
    If a guy asks me if I want to be friends with benefits, I consider that as him only considering me as a booty call and having no respect for me. He doesn't see me as girlfriend material. And I act accordingly, I don't bother talking to him again.
    If you like her but unsure of things, just give it a time and see how it goes. you can still hookup in between.. Right?


What Guys Said 1

  • Just go for the kiss and label it later. If you ask a girl to be friends with benefits, she would more likely feel disrespected and won't talk to you again.