Whats it like meeting someone from okcupid for the first time aftet youve already started sexting? Do you worry if their crazy?


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  • I do not worry if they are crazy.
    But I do realize they only up for sexy time.
    If you looking for a hook up you have found him.
    You looking for relationship, run. He only is in for sex.


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  • Well, you SHOULD worry if they are crazy, a lot of that sort of thing on the site!
    But I"m married and never went the cyber route for finding a partner...

  • If its just for the sex, no worries..
    Hope u not looking for a serious relationship though

    • Just sex. People do it all the time but does anyone ever think the person cud have schizophrenia or cut them or something?

    • Well u dont know really who u gonna meet unless u spent quite some time getting to know each other, sharing stuff and trueting each other

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