Should I take a chance on him?

I'm 20 years old and I met a guy on tinder (21). We went out for two dates. A while after that, we were both at the same party and met up and began to talk. He asked me if he could kiss me. I him why he asked that and he said he could tell that I was a pretty fragile person and he didn't want to hurt me, and that he really enjoys spending time with me and everything but he's in a period in his life where he can't give me a guarantee that if we were to be together, that it would be a long term thing. He said that we may either last for a month or a year but he couldn't give me any guarantees as to how long, and didn't want to give me false hopes and end up hurting me. Then he said that he had already met his soul mate (his ex whom he had been with for 3 years and they broke up a year ago). The situation was pretty ridiculous and i asked him what the point of being with me is, if he already found his person. He said that he is going through a phase and sees me as a person who would be able to get him from a certain point to the next, and that the purpose of us being together would be mutual growth for us (we can learn and grow from each other) but that he cannot guarantee that we will last on the long run, he said maybe we will last and maybe he will come to realize that that person wasn't his soul mate and there are infinite possibilities, and asked if i was willing to take that risk with him, and he thinks this would be good for me and that I would grow from it. He kept asking what I wanted from him and what my reply was. We kissed after all that, and he asked why I kissed him and I said because i wanted to, and he asked what I wanted from him and I couldn't reply, and he said that i really can't take a decision and stuff like that. Then he took me home and that was it. I texted him the day after and just started small talk. It's been two days and he hasn't texted or anything, and i'm really confused and don't know what to make of this situation. Help!


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  • Yes, I think you should, just take some more initiative.

    • I just can't help but feel like by doing that i would be chasing him and pressuring him, i mean if he wanted to text and wanted me in his life wouldn't he be taking initiative as well?

    • Well, some guys prefer assertive girsl ;)

    • *girls*

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  • Sounds like it's all about HE wants. You can do better. Move on.

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