Am I getting set up?

I don't know I think I might be getting set up... a couple of years ago I was talking to this guy and he seemed nice but later took advantage of me it got to the point were I had to pepper spray him because he harrassed me at a party. now this year 2 years this different guy I met he seems cool but like I noticed he has the same friends with the guy I peppered sprayed but told him I'm terrified by the guy and told him about the situation and he said oh him! I dont Like that dude! he does drugs etc etc... anyway... I find the new guy to kinda have the same personality of him. and the new guy that find me interesting he's telling me likes me loves me all these kind of stuff. I'm just have a fishy sense. because he kinda has the same group of friends as the guy I peppered sprayed.


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  • Just because people are friends doesn't mean that they do the same things. I'm friends with a bunch of different types of people, some do things and some do other things, and some don't do anything.

    That being said, if you feel weird about this dude anyways because he has the same personality, he seems a little clingy and weird, then don't bother. It doesn't sound like you've invested a lot of time into him anyways, so I'd just find someone else.

    • yea you're 100% right ! I don't know he texted me but haven't replied back he said he cares about me but at the same time I don't have the courage which I'm trying to work on. to be like hey I'm not interested in u anymore letting go

    • Aww it'll be okay! You can do it lol. "thanks, I really appreciate all the attention and care that you've given to me, but I don't want to waste your time either.. you seem like a great guy but I'm not really interested in dating.. sorry".

    • haha! thanks I'm definitely just going to send him that whole entire thing !

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  • If something doesn't seem right, it most likely isn't.

    Personally , i wouldn't have anything to do with him. You stated he has a similar personality to the guy you sprayed, so why put yourself in such a vulnerable position. Go with your initial gut feeling :)

  • Yes you are