Online dating conversational advice needed?

hey guys and girls.. I met a girl online and we've been writing with each other for about 3 weeks.. I asked her about nearly every single detail of what she likes and so.. Now i'm lacking subjects to talk about.. It's been 3 days with hey how are you and what are you doing.. Nothing else we can talk about.. Please help by telling me what should I do and what should I talk about.. She told me she likes me and finds me a nice guy but she wants to know me better first and then we can meet each other personaly.. Thanks guys and girls in regards


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  • Talk about things you find interesting. But I think it's frustrating that she's still not satisfied enough with how much you talked to consider meeting up while apparently she's not carrying the conversation at all.

    Three weeks is plenty of time to actually meet, I'd be careful and not get my hopes up because it sounds like she's being a princess expecting you to entertain her and keep her interesting while she leans back and may even be chatting to other guys.

    • Unfortunately I have to agree... 3 weeks it is a long time. And why don't She start a topic too? LOL

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  • What about her? Does she start topics too?
    Guess You can talk about each others day? I don't know... but 3 weeks is a long time... be careful aaand think twice. ^^ Wish You good luck!!!


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