How do I tell a guy, I want him to take the relationship more seriously but to not seem too bossy?


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  • Don't do that
    If it doesn't feel right and isn't like what you want then you should break up


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  • Telling a guy to take a relationship more seriously is the last thing you should do. Think about it, would you appreciate it if a guy told you the same thing? Lighten up a bit and try to have fun with this guy. Maybe things will get more serious, maybe they won't. You can't control relationships so enjoy the ride 😊


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  • Need more information on how he is currently behaving to recommend a solution.

    Usually though, how we act as women silently demands that a man takes us seriously. If he has to do A and B to get you.. he will do it if he likes you.

    So don't sleep with him unless you are committed to each other etc et

    Set your standards, stick to them and don't be afraid to retreat if he doesn't follow through. As long as you are reasonable.

    • This helped so so much..

    • No problem :)
      Try reading Steve Harvey's 'Think Like a Man, Act Like A Lady'.
      Changed my dating game and now men take me seriously automatically.

  • you can't. you can tell him what you want, he's either on board or he's not. nothing to do wth being body. you guys want the same or you don't. you can't make someone want more.