How do I get over my ex boyfriend?

So I dated this guy who was perfect in every way and I was so happy. He accepted me for everything that's wrong with me and I loved him. We were happy and life was nice but then he just unexpectedly left me. He still talks about me and says little things in his posts about me too. But I wanna get over him, when I got over old boyfriends it was easy because I would just distract myself with a new guy but I don't want to date anymore because it's hard to find guys who accept my depression and schizophrenia so dating isn't easy but I don't wanna try anymore because I'm sick of getting hurt so how do I get over him the right way? Without dating others, and without feeling depressed because I'm pretty sure I drove him away. Can someone help me?


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  • Breakups are so painful. There's no quick remedy to get through the hurt.

    All you can do is keep active, spend time with friends or family. Exercise and maybe try something new. Every time you start dwelling on what was , and what could have been try to focus your attention on things other than him or the hurt you feel

    At the moment your pain is still raw , but gradually your feelings will fade and your pain wil ease

    The one thing I've learnt in life is... hearts do heal and they do love again.


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  • You're 16 and already diagnosed with schizophrenia?

    • Yeah, it's something I don't really know how I got or why I got it but that's what I was diagnosed with when I was 15 and a half.

    • What subtype of schizophrenia?

      Paranoid? Catatonic?

    • It's called residual schizophrenia. I get paranoid and I'll hear voices and sometimes I see things that nobody else sees and they tell me it's not there. There's something else too but I don't want to say it because it's really awful and it led to bad things. I always feel like I'm being watched and I really can't go out a lot cuz I get scared and I'll have like panic attacks. Its awful and I don't know how to control it

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