How do I become a hookup artist?

I'm in college and I want to know how to hook up with hella girls. How do I do it. I'm a nice guy who's trying to make it in a college that values hookups more than relationships. I'm tired of being left out.

Let's be clear I wanna know how to successfully score hookups because I keep trying and I keep striking out
Please don't judge me just answer the question or don't


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  • Not to answer a question with a question, but are you serious? If you value hookups more than relationships, make sure you TELL these hella girls that's your philosophy so that you don't end up with hella broken hearts.

    • No I value relationships more. But in my college the girls just want to hook up and fuck. How do I do that because I'm used to just being in a relationship?

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    • Well then why do people do hookups so much if they are so negative.

    • Because this world makes us believe that unless you're sleeping with every girl on campus, you're considered a loser. And the truth is the total reverse of that... the losers are the people running after meaningless hookups. Don't be a loser.

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  • I'm a "nice guy" who just wants to hookup and fuck women. That's fine if you aim to do that but be honest - you're an ass hole like the other men and women who do this.

    Confidence, honesty, never leave it open to it leading to a relationship. Hookups are about one good night and moving on quickly. Leaving nothing open to interpretation. They know you're not a boyfriend but they can't help but want to spend the night drinking and talking with you. Then it leads to something else.

    The theory is easy. Actually doing it? Takes the kind of person most people aren't.

    • Yeah but how do I do it? Maybe I'm an asshole but the point is I wanna score hookups but I keep striking out. How do I get actual results

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    • "Well I'm tired of fucking waiting. I want results now!"

      Sorry to break it to you but you're not entitled to anything. As for steroids you'll find that kind of muscle most women find unattractive on a man. If it looks unnatural they aren't interested.

      You're 17. It gets much easier when you hit 18 and can go out drinking. Right now you sound like a child who doesn't know what to do about a relationship and well that's fine I'd advice against what you're currently doing. You're actually blaming women for something that isn't their fault or problem.

      I would suggest asking a female friend for advice but also be more straight talking. arranging to arrange a meet up isn't a good idea. Should have arranged a date the moment she said yes.

    • Actually I am 18 and a freshman in college. With that I get to see the pleasure of guys hooking up with girls over snapchat. Sometimes even coming home with 2 girls at once! WTF I wanna be that guy. I would do anything to become him. No matter the cost

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  • Let's be clear that I'm the wrong person to give this sort of advice. With that in mind, pay attention to how other guys do it. Spend a few evenings watching others discreetly in a hookup location you WON'T use later, wait a bit, then try it out yourself.

  • Dude, relationships are better in the long run. Trust me

    • I know that but I want to know how to get hookups cuz no girls in my college are interested in relationships

    • Well that sucks. Just act like you know what you're doing I guess. Be the cocky jerk, hookup girls go for them all the time. Just don't forget about relationships man. Hookups don't last forever

  • pickup lines.

    • What do you mean?

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    • No really its a very easy way to approach girls and break the ice quickly. One of the better methods i think

    • I actually thought you were trolling but that actually sounds good. Thanks so much

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