Why would a guy disappear after leading on a long time friend for over a year?

He was even told that going separate ways was fine, but an explanation for it was requested. No response. After he went out of his way to be with you.


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  • It could be a number of reasons. I'd only do that if I felt my feelings were being played with, or if I felt manipulated and I no longer trusted the person. People like that don't deserve an explanation

    In your case, it could be that he doesn't have the to courage to tell you , or he no longer has any loyalties to you anymore , because of lack of feelings for you.

    Most people are only loyal to their own priorities and once their priorities change then so do their loyalties and feelings. You ceased being a priority in his life , so he didn't feel the need to give you an explanation . Or maybe he's just an asshole in general to all girls

  • He's found a better deal so now he's ghosting you.

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