Do girlfreinds want nudes from their boyfreinds, if so what kind is the best?

I have a girlfreind and we are both pretty attractive but i dont know if i should send her nudes and if i should what would turn her on the most. We all know guys send dick picks left right and centre but after everything is there any point


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  • I stopped reading at "we are both pretty attractive".


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  • It totally depends on the girl in my opinion. I've been with different girls, some liked it and some didn't. My advice to you would be that rather than sending dick pics straight away, start with topless pics to gauge her reaction.

    For example, I'd put on a tie and be topless and send this to my girl and be like "What do you think of this tie?" Based on her reaction you will know if nudes are a go or not. Just don't go surprising her with dick pics, work your way up to it!