I need help I am in love with my sisters best friend we've known each other since we were kids and please help me?

I'm 19 and so is she her and my sister are best friends and me and her have known each other for years like half my life and I finally told her how I feel and she said it would be weird cause of my sister and stuff how do I change her mind please help


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  • From where I am sitting, @Lilarcher1234, and as Sad as I may make you feel, I Feel... It would Probably be Best from the Rest to let this Sticky Sibling Situation Rest.
    You have Told her how you Feel inside, and knowing that your own Sibling Could be this Monkey wrench in between, Leave it Alone and Move on from the "Birds of a Female Feather" idea that Sis's Bestie and you Could be anything But.. True Blue Friends to the Ends.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You don't "change her mind". If she doesn't feel the same way then you move on without her. If you care for her like you say you do then you care about her feelings and wishes , so if she says she doesn't want to be with you that means you respect and honor her because you love her and want her to be happy.
    If you are trying to change her mind and get her to fall in love with you that means all you care about is your happiness and seriously you really don't love her at all. You are in lust or just infatuated but you aren't respecting her. Re-evaluate and leave her be, she's turned you down.
    If she changes her mind she'll let you know trust me

  • I realise it's hard for you to move on because you must see her about the house but without getting your sister's blessing, moving on is all you can do.

    Don't think it's weird. It's not uncommon. I'm 30yo and attracted to my halfsisters' 20yo friends. Both my sisters treat me like I'm lusting over girls young enough to be my daughters. THAT is hard!