Will he ask me out for the second date?

Our first date went really well.. Honestly we spent half time making out. But we just clicked so well and he seemed he's very into me.

I asked him when I can see him next time during our first date and he said maybe Sunday when he got back from the trip (he's out town Thursday-Sunday)

He texted me next morning if I got home safe. Then he been initiating texts since that and it's been 4 days.

i don't know I feel like he would have confirmed the date already but he hasn't...
Our first date was set up 2-3 days before though so this is just his style?


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  • Yeah, there's a very high likelihood that he'll ask you out for a second date. He seems to be into you.


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  • Just play it cool for now. I went through this recently and I think I over did it with trying to reach out to him at first, especially since he has 3 kids. He is pretty busy.