Is it bad to be mid 20s and never dated before?

I think I do want to but then when I really think about it, I don't know whether I want to date people. On one hand, I don't want to be alone forever and I feel I'm missing out but on the other hand, I'm quite content with my life at the moment, and I haven't heard good things from people in relationships.

  • It's bad, you should at least try it
  • It's not bad, carry on as you're doing
  • It's not bad but you should at least try it
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  • I'm not gonna vote, because these 3 solutions don't always apply.

    First of all, you're not the only one. Thank god.
    Second of all... If you are not happy alone, if you force yourself in a relationship, it's never going to work. Why would you even try to mimick all these people who date each other in order not to be alone.

    Most people say relationships are bad because they were deceived by people they actually liked. Which sucks, lemme tell ya. But some relationships are definetively worth every single moment.

    The actual question is : do you have someone on your mind?

    Don't go out with someone just to " be with someone ". Try to meet new people, romantically ( OR NOT ). Learn to like that person, or not, again.

    If you're content, that's good. The only thing is, don't close your door to opportunities. That's all.

    Hope you'll find my answer helpful, or, if not... Well sorry ! ^^

    • What do you mean by don't close your door to opportunities?

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  • Perfectly fine, I'm 27 and never dated.

  • Carry on as you're doing if you're happy. If you decide that you do want to start dating, then go for it.

  • ya ya you are precious. you are good on your own. its easy to say. but the very fact that your asking this question shows the building angst in you. I am not saying jump into it and be the best girl or boy friend ever. but it is killing you inside. you know you want it but you are afraid to do it. Just gather the courage and ask that person who you think is right at the moment and tell him or her that you want to try with her or him. especially if that person has not been a part of your loving for a very long period of time because then it has a potential to get weird. otherwise you have nothing to lose. seriously ignore those stupid people around you who are telling no its fine. they are just stating the obvious.. you are ofcourse fine and you will be. Its your 20s you want something you go for it. its simple. things get complicated later but at this very age its never a bad idea to date. first you get know yourself better 2nd you will get to know other people better. and you seem like a person with a lots of thoughts going around. so chill dude/girl and ask that person. Dont be coward. And its good to be selfish. all we have achieved is by being selfish. ( i know its a little too much but i am hoping you see the idea. )

  • Dude I'm 40 and never had a girlfriend or had sex, don't worry girls tell me to wait and the right one will come so I'm taking their advice.

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