Is it illegal? (Georgia)?

There is a guy I like. I just turned 16 yesterday and I want him to give me a chance. He is 18 and I've known him awhile. He has even given me a nickname (Jail Bait). He said that he would but he doesn't want to go to jail. He said that before my birthday and now I'm the right age for consent right even if he don't do anything sexual? I looked it up and they said I am but a few says that the age consent changed? Help please.


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  • You are at the age of consent, but someone 18 or older can't have relations with you. It's considered statutory rape


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  • The age of consent in America varies by state but in most states (including Georgia), the age of consent is 16. So, it would be legal, HOWEVER, just because something is legal doesn't mean it is a good idea.

    Even though he is only two years older, there is still a big difference in mentality and emotional maturity between a 16 year old and an 18 year old. The fact that he calls you "jail bait" isn't exactly a respectful thing to say. If he's only interested in sex, that's probably someone you should steer clear of, especially at your age.

    • He was calling me Jail bait as a joke since a lot of people think I'm older than I actually am. He gave me that nickname when I was 15. The maturity part I get he is much more mature than me which I didn't think about until last week. Thank you

    • I understand, but something else to think about it is, when someone is 18, in most cases they are preparing to graduate from high school and making future plans (either going to college or joining the workforce, etc.) which can also cause issues in young relationships. You're still in high school and likely have several years left. So, it just may not be a good idea to jump into a relationship with someone older right now for all of those reasons.

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