Guys, Would you love your girl the same if you knew her dirty past?

The idea that popped up first for you is exactly what I meant by 'dirty past'


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  • Yeah sure. It would make me know she is open to being very kinky which is hot. If she's a sweet girl, it's a bonus.

    The caveat is that she was being as dirty and even dirtier with me.

    That make sense?

    Nice question, I'll be honest you turned me on by talking dirty lol, I can only imagine what you would be like in pm chat ;-)

    • Lols, you have an active mind for dirty topics which is cool. Plus you guessed 1 of my dirty deeds correct but what I had in mind is a little bit dirtier than that.

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    • I know Doctor, it healthy I agree! I leave sex alone. I said Unhealthy Lifestyle, i e an addiction and the rest

    • Oh well then if she is over it, then sure. She's worked on improving herself.

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  • It depends on what you did lol

    • I don't want to say what I did, lol. so just guess one serious dirty (and past) secret.

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    • Omg! Why sex drive? Guys really! So 'dirty secret' just translates to' sexual drive and multiple partners' to you?

    • I'm taking guesses since you're not telling me lolllll I'm just saying if it's a sexual past I won't judge you but if you did something evil I will judge you lol

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