If a girl gives you her availability, good sign she wants a date?

Hey ladies and gents,

Fun question. I was on OKC browsing and what not and start talking to this girl last night. Within 12 messages, gave her my phone number so we can chat w/o writing booklets. Got the phone number.

Chatter her today and came across the question of her availability as she works in universal. She gave it to me. So I wrote back "gotcha. if you wanted to, maybe we can grab some drinks in the downtown area. Would you be up for that?"

Haven't heard back yet, she is at work so still optimistic even if I don't get a reply. Was this a prudent move?


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What Girls Said 1

  • We shall see. It's not like she has responded to you yet. Anyway, you did the right thing to ask her. That is going to save you some time even if she's not interested in you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, usually I'll first ask a girl when she's available, this allows me to see whether or not she's interested in going out without actually asking her. She has the opportunity to say she's busy before I've asked her out and most likely she will say that if she doesn't want to go out. Therefore is she's said when she's available I can almost guarantee she's prepared to go out. I'd expect a reply from her, however as with many things, you can't say for sure.

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