Did I just get blown off?

So me and this guy have been chatting for a couple of weeks and we get on really well, yesterday we met up for some drinks and we seemed to get on really well, both laughed all evening... And we did I felt get on like a house on fire... Was out for nearly 5hours, so I sent him a text for him to receive when he got in to say thankyou, and that it was lovely to meet him, would he like to do something again at some point... He replied and said it was nice to meet me too, we can arrange something at some point, speak to you soon

Did he just blow me off?


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  • not really

    • Do you not think? Even when he normally says I'll speak to you tomorrow or whatever

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    • But I suggested it he could just be being polite

    • time will tell. if that was the case, he could've said: it was nice to meet me too, talk later.

What Girls Said 1

  • No. Maybe he genuinely means to hang out with you again. Do not read too much into things. Just trust that it all went well and that he felt the same.

    • He normally says, I'll catch you tomorrow, but it was just a speak to you soon, I felt it went well but now I'm unsure