Girls view my profile online, but hardly ever get a response?

If I had to guess I'd say that 70 percent of the girls I message view my profile, but hardly ever do they reply back. I'm not sure if maybe they just see that I viewed their profile and didn't see the message I sent or what. What do you think the deal is? I'm definitely not the best at writing profile descriptions, but part of me has me wondering if girls hardly ever find me attractive.


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  • I know its a changing world and all but some girls are still stuck in the past where guys have to message first because its shows gurantee signs that your into them. Message them first and if they dont respond then you know where you stand

  • Let us see your photos/profile so we can judge!

    • I won't put my profile pic on here, but I can put my profile description I suppose. I recently changed it and made it more a little more outgoing I suppose. haha I haven't had any views yet since changing it though.

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