How do you kiss?

I already had my first kiss but it's been a while since. I'm developing feelings for one guy and I think he likes me back too. We haven't kissed yet but I think that's gonna happen real soon. How do you kiss? How do you stay relaxed? When do you use your tongue? Does kissing come naturally? My first kiss was sloppy because the guy I kissed was a horrendous kisser. He used too much tongue and I think that's what made the kiss bad for me. Is a little tongue used in a real kiss? Or does it mostly involve lips?


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  • You'll get the hang of it in no time :) Just keep your lips relaxed and follow his lead. Start with a close mouth kiss, and then if he starts to open you do the same (as long as you're comfortable). And run your fingers through his hair as you do it.


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  • It really depends on the guy I'm kissing.
    My ex used tongue a lot, and this guy I been seeing uses it much less and mostly just pecking on lips. I like both ways I wouldn't mind I usually follow whichever way the guy is leading lol
    If you don't like too much tongue kiss, let him know and try not to use tongue much when you kiss. He will get the message.
    It can be super nervous and exciting at first but once you on it you'll be relaxed and like it like it. Don't worry

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