What do older girls think about younger guys that have a crush on them?

Say for example if the age difference is 10+ years. Maybe the girl has been married, divorced and had children and here comes along a younger guy without all this life experience or baggage with a major crush on them.

Are you flattered, think it is sweet or repulsed that a younger guy finds you desirable. Would you consider dating the younger guy.


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  • I'm only 25 but even I would feel very flattered if a much younger guy has a major crush on me. Of course most women will be flattered. Means she's still attractive. It really depends on her type though she could be dating only older guys, or guys who are financially secured since she would be facing all those realities (kids, bills, everything is $issue), or she could just simply prefer guys in her age.
    It really depends on the lady but no matter what she prefers, she will still be flattered.


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  • i am divorced and if a guy 10 years younger was attracted to me.. i wouldn't be repulse if he's not annoying about it.. generally i would not be attracted to younger men, I doubt if I'd be interested in dating.

    he would have to be something really special... and I'm not just special physically.. I'm actually talking mentally too.

  • I would find it flatteriing and sweet, nothing more.


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