Does this sound like we could be more serious?

We haven't met in person because he lives far away, I am visiting him for a day though. We have been talking for over a month (we met on a dating site). We Skype and text. We always talk about what we want in a relationship: not pointing out other good looking guys/girls, appreciating each other, communicating when something is wrong, wanting affirmations , wanting human contact (cuddling, making out etc) and dating one person at a time. Is this the talk of friends or potential relationship material? I never really talk to guys that I'm not interested in about these kinds of things. After we meet up, I do want to see where this is going because I don't want to spend weeks/months investing in someone.


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  • I believe I have seen at least three questions from you recently related to this one situation so I would caution you to not over think this right now.

    It is good that you guys spoke about what you want in a relationship and it is good that you guys are meeting in person in soon.

    Remember that what you guys spoke about wanting in a person is just a discussion about what you want in a person generally. It does not mean that if you fit the description that means he is going to want you or vice versa.

    Until you meet, all thoughts of this being a relationship should not enter your brain, no matter how often you text or Skype each other or discuss things that you do not normally discuss with potential suitors.

    It is possible that after each of you meet each other, one of you or both of you will not want to be in a relationship with the other.

    So please do not get ahead of yourself. It is good that you are meeting and it is good that you both want the same things in a relationship.

    These are good things. But is entirely possible that you may not like him or he may not like you once you meet. Just like what is possible on any date.

    This is the reality of long distance relationships or online dating.

    I hope your date with him goes really well and I would be interested in hearing how it went if you want to share it.

    Good luck to you. :)


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  • It's possible but it's very difficult to say where that relationship will lead to specially that it's long distance


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  • ldr is very hard to maintain though

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