Is she playing hard to get or am I messing up?


There is this girl from work who I like, I only see her once or twice a week as during the day im on the road and only on rare days get back early.

She gives me good signs, like touching her hair or my arm while talking, she also asks me to stay longer when we talk.

We were going to a party (she invited me) but then broke the date by saying she forgor a friends wedding. I recently turned 1 yr at work and she sugested we should celebrate, so we arranged a date but then she broke it and gave me a weird excuse some days later.

We used to chat but then she started not responding, we do speak via Skype but shortly, mostly she will stop writting.

I am a bit shy so perhaps Im doing something wrong? Apreciate any response, im not English native so please forgive any mystake.


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  • I would say she's not interested, but that's just me. I've never believed in the whole playing hard to get thing, I'll make a guy come to me but I won't continually cancel plans or just ignore him. I feel like if she was interested she would have tried to reschedule as opposed to straight up canceling.


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  • You didn't do nothing wrong she just don't know how to manage her time well or she is busy. Either way. She needs to let you know what is she going to do. Cause you can't keep being put on the back burner like this.